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Anika Lange
14 August 2006 @ 01:54 am
ah...thanks to my dearest Katja I'm lost.... >.>
I'm lost into asian dramas...since 4 hours I'm watching "kimi wa petto" and - oh my god - I love this jdorama!!!
First of all I thought: How crazy can Japanese be?
But at the same time I started to love this drama. Most of all because of MatsuJun.
He is just so gorgeous in this drama! Actually I don't know a lot about him but as Katja says: there is something about him, which makes him adoreable and interesting.

And that woman... she plays Sumire. I always thought about where else I have seen her before. I thought I know her from some other drama.
But finally in episode 5 I recognized: She plays Taka in the movie "The last Samurei" with Tom Cruise. I recognized her because of her nose. XD


Ah...today my iPod broke down.... -.- *throws against the wall*
It doesn't react at all. I tried everything....
I hope it'll work tomorrow... I NEED music! Btw I'm not sure if there is still guaranty on it though....
F*** it! >.< There are important files on it, God damned!

Well, going to continue "kimi wa petto".^^ Need something to cheer me up. XP


From the book "Le Fleur du Mal - Die Blume des Bösen" by Charles Baudelaire.

(Spleen et Idéal - Spleen und Ideal)

LXIX: La Musique - Die Musik

Oft nimmt Musik mich wie ein Meer gefangen!
Auf meinen Stern gerichtet,
Ob klar der Äther oder dunstverhangen,
Mein Schiff die Anker lichtet;

Es weitet sich die Brust, die Lungen schwellen,
Wie Segel angefüllt,
Und ich erstürme aufgetürmte Wellen,
Die mir die Nacht verhüllt;

Fühl alle Leidenschaften in mir zittern,
Des Schiffs in großer Not;
Der gute Wind und Stürme, die gewittern,

Wo bodenlos der Abgrund droht,
Wiegen mich. Dann wieder spiegelt Stille weit
All meine Hoffnungslosigkeit!
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Anika Lange
24 May 2006 @ 11:08 pm
Yes, we are.
On Saturday Diru are going to play in the Columbia Hall in Berlin.
And WE (some friends and me) are going to go to Berlin... tomorrow. Yes, two days befor the concert.

I'm so dead excited, b/c it's my first Diru!!! *dieing*
I so hope that we'll be first row. You HAVE to be first row on a Diru!!!! *yes* *yes* *yes*

Well, the waether preview says, that it's going to rain the next days.
Great. So we have to wait in the rain... two days.
But... I hae heard, that there are already people, who went to Berlin yesterday. 5 DAYS BEFORE TEH CONCERTS! W
ell, if that isn't crazy... O.o

I know I promised two concert reports... but I never find the right time to write... and it's pretty hard to remeber all the things that happened, although I wrote some stuff down...
Well maybe, now that I have more time than after the last two concerts, I finish the Diru report faster.

Wish me luck, that I catch something!!! >.< And even if it is just the lid of a bottle!!!!! (<--freak? me? noooo :3)

Yeah.. so I have to pack now.... We are going to start at 9.15 in the morning...
Let's see if I can sleep tonight^^

Until sunday evening... I hope I'll be able to write at least a sentence about the "D-Weekend".^^ (Also I'm NOT going to see Diru in Cologne I call it D-Weekend^^)

baibai mk
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Anika Lange
05 May 2006 @ 09:06 pm
I found two test. and this is the result:

what odd j-rock fashion statement are you?

Take this quiz!

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Which JROCK male should suit YOU?

GACKT should suit you!
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I'm absolutely fine with that.^^
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Anika Lange
27 April 2006 @ 08:13 pm
so tomorrow is the day I was waiting for until the 11th grade.
It feels like as if I'm going to have holidays and go to school in some weeks again.

But, I won't.

12 years of learning for live. And now I'm expected to be independant.

To be honest I'm scared of what will come.

Since 11th grade I understand what my parents mean, when they say: "Enjoy your youth and time at school. It's the best time in your life."
Now everything gets more complicated and you are responsible for everything.

I'm scared.

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Anika Lange
26 April 2006 @ 08:44 pm
I know I prommised pics and a report about the BLOOD concerts...
I'm sorry, but I don't have time >.< Right now the Abitur makes demands on my time. And if I don't have to deal with that, I'm sleeping. Honestly, I get the feeling, that I do sleep more often during the day than ever befor!!! Weird...
Well I hope, that I can uplaod more pics (because some are allready up here: http://animexx.4players.de/fotos/fotoreihe.php?id=18529) and finish my report pretty soon.

There is going to be a second report and some pics about the kagerou concert!!!!!!!!!

Well guys, I have to stop now. My father is shooing me away -.-

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Anika Lange
ok guys
I'm back. To be honest since about 4 days, but I was so lazy. Even too lazy to go online. -.-
But I just want to say, that the BLOOD-concerts- repord is in progress. It's quite a long one b/c I love to write in detail sometimes -.-
So you have to wait a little bit longer.
Pictures and the german report are uploaded one www.animexx.de
I'm going to post the direct link later.

But now soemthing else:
I read a book called "Darum nerven Japaner". It's written by a German author and the tilte means: "That's why Japanese bother"
It is so great. I laughed like hell and the next moment I thought: "Wtf?"
The book is authentic, b/c the author Christoph Neumann lives in Japan since 10 years. And in Japan his book is very popular.
Here are some information from the book, translated into English by me.^^ (Maybe a prfessional would translate it different, but the sence is still the same and that's what counts) If you are not interessted in it, just don't read the text within the mark.

Christoph Neumann
That's why Japanese bother - The unvarnished lunacy of the japanese everyday life

publisher (in Germany): PIPER

Spine (back): "That's why Japanese bother" is a unvarnished report of a German, who lives in Japan.
He knows everything, yet where to find serious zombies and how (and why!) Japanese turn themself "Off".
Did you know, that a Japanese gas meter- reader (note: Sorry, but I didn't find another translation -.-) has to put on slippers about 50 times on a successful day, but is not allowed to use the bathroom of his host with it?
Get to know Japan adn its veritable lunacy, its funny and outlandish conventions, rules, bans.
But please observe the rules!

Inside the Spine:

to be continued, b/c I don't want to write now.^^

Last thursday my friend Jana and me celebrated our birthday in my garden. We made barbecue allthough it was could. -.- (I didn't want to, but Jana...)
And after that we went to Janas house and went on celebrating. But I got tired early so I went to bed around 2 a.m.
But the presents were gorgeous!!^^ I got a coupon for the sushi bar, a coupon for a jewelry store, a very nice card, a "Sudoku"-book, a plant (forgot the name -.-) and the best of all: A pink-black striped cravat!^^ (Thanx to Muddy, Liesy, Ama and Moni)

Well, and I survived easter.

Ok guys, I'm getting tired.
I will go on writing tomorrow so
have a good night.

PS: This pic is from www.Viona-Art.com (love it! love it! love it! >_<)
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Anika Lange
06 April 2006 @ 09:35 pm
just want to say that I'm dead excited about the upcoming two BLOOD concerts.
I'm goign to write about it
So, till then
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Anika Lange
04 April 2006 @ 10:23 pm
never EVER do a big project the day befor you have to hand it in! EVER!!
We had to make this 6-sites History-project about the cold war (does this phrase exist in English??).
Deadline was on moday. I did it until tuesday and started... monday. Bad. Very bad.
I started at 7.oo pm and ended... 5 in the morning. My fathers reaction was to block my Internetentrance from tomorrow for the rest of the week. --
*baka desu*

Today I got my Biologe pre-Abitur back. 5 points out of 15. Very bad. i'm pissed. I'd like to know how it'll be in the Abitur...
I'n scared. Waht if I failure?

My parents still don't know about my marks. And I'm not going to tell them until the kageoru- concert is over.

Another topic: Today me and two friends went to see "The Indside Man". A great movie! Jodie Foster playes an absloutely great arrogant charecter. And Denzel Washington is one of the few good looking black actors ever. Allthough he kinda get some weight.^^ (Still handsome)
And Clive Owen. I can't say that he is a very good looking guy (also 'cause he is... kinda old)
But in this blue painter suit, the white mask and the sunglasses he looked so sexy!!!!!
Some poeple may say now: Wait! If he wears a suit which covers his whole body, a mask and sunglasses.. then you don't see anything of him at all!!
But the way the charachter behaved in this movie was just so cool x.x

Well, have to end now.
bye mk
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Anika Lange
02 April 2006 @ 11:59 pm
I found out, how ysi works. Thanx to Yami-Yama! *knuddel-attack*
Pretty easy...

Well and to celebrate this, I immediately uploaded some BLOOD-stuff for my dearest Yami-Yama.
But because I am kind (self-praises rulez!!!^^) I'll give you the link here:


It includes 4 Blood albums: BlOOD, BLOOD 2nd Priod DX and Vengeance for BLOOD 1 and 2.

I do have Blood 1st period, but it seems to be wrong.
And I'd like to know, if there is a differenc between the Blood Doemstic ver., international ver. and european ver..
(But I think I have to ask this question again on jrock_uploads... -.-)
Also I'm looking for the album Vengeance for BLood 3, all demotapes and the song collector.

So have fun and ttys.
Bai mk
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